The World War II Multimedia Database

The World War II Multimedia Database receives one million unique visitors per month. Containing 1,000 famous photos of World War II, this website contains detailed information about the biographies of the people photographed.

Reviews of the World War II Multimedia Database

“Intensely rich…it shows remarkable sophistication and depth, and uses a fairly wide array of multimedia materials.“
— Robert B. Townshend, American Historical Association

“An excellent resource in words, images and video.”
— Channel 4, United Kingdom

“One of the great problems with World War II web sites is that countless hobbyists litter the cyber-landscape with all sorts of irrelevant offerings. For the serious student of the war, it is difficult to find sites that contribute to a deeper understanding of the war and war-related issues. I have [selected] the following link in the hope of saving students from time consuming cyber-wandering through unimportant presentations…There is much of interest to see here.”
— Professor Bruce Hull, University of Maryland

“Provides historical and detailed information about World War II.”
— WNET “Secrets of the Dead,” PBS

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